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Privacy Policy

    HRMA Policy on Communications and Data Security

    (Adopted by HRMA Board, 2/27/07)

    Overview HRMA developed the website and online database to automate and centralize chapter functions, and we now depend on this asset for many of our chapter operations. Besides maintenance of the membership directory, the database along with the website: manages and tracks new-member and renewing-member processes; stores information used to publicize events; maintains the chapter calendar; and houses and publicizes member resumes and job opportunities. The website and database manages event registrations and stores contact information on guests as well as members. The capability to reach HR affiliated individuals, post image links on our home page, and place advertisements in the online Newsletter have a demonstrated capability to generate sponsorship to help offset chapter operating expenses. The website and database is being increasingly used to track and report financial transactions with our membership, including payment for events, application fees, and renewals.

    The website and online database represent an ongoing investment by HRMA, constituting a real tangible asset for the chapter, including benefits for our members, attractiveness to potential members, savings through automation, and revenue generating capability through sponsorship add up to very significant value.

    As stewards of this asset, we have a responsibility to protect and enhance this value. This involves maintaining user confidence in the information and data, ensuring only authorized use, honoring privacy contracts with our users, and continuing to maintain and improve the function and appearance of the system.

    According to the HRMA Bylaws, the Vice President for Communications is responsible for management of this asset along with other duties. The purpose of this document is to define policy relevant to the website/online database and its use, in order to protect and enhance the value of this asset and to protect the privacy of our members and guests.

    Maintaining user confidence in the information and data Information must be as accurate and complete as possible. Members will be encouraged to keep their directory contact information current. A method will exist in the DB to flag and report incorrect email addresses, phone numbers, and company information.

    When special projects require data to be extracted from the database, a written request (email is preferred) must be sent to the Vice President for Communications stating what information is needed, how it will be used, who will have access to the data, and duration for its use. The extracted information must not be kept beyond its stated duration without approval, and must not be used for other purposes (e.g., stored in a contacts DB or program) or shared with anyone else. The written request will serve as audit documentation for tracking online access.

    The online repository will always be considered as “the only current source” of information; when information is extracted it immediately becomes dated and subject to error.

    Electronic communications going to all members and/or guests will be transmitted from the HRMAInfo email address (note: this doesn’t include correspondence to individuals or small groups from Board Committees during the course of a Committee’s “normal” function - e.g., notification of new member status, requests to pay for “no-show” at an event). The Vice President for Communications has responsibility for all official chapter communications according to the HRMA Bylaws, and chapter-wide communications will flow through her or him. If it becomes necessary for emergency communications to the chapter members and the Vice President for Communications is unavailable, the President or an Executive Board Member delegated by the President will contact Princeton Online to ask them to send the communication to the chapter members. The President will also have access to the website communication tools for use in an emergency.

    Ensuring only authorized use Access to website functionality and the online database is controlled by user-id, password, and security level. Misuse or sharing of a user-id and password is prohibited, and may result in the revocation of membership without refund. Contact information must never be bartered or sold.

    Certain officers and committee chairs (e.g., Membership, Treasurer, and Hospitality) are granted special security authorizations to perform functions in support of their position. Elected (i.e. Executive) Board Members will receive authorization for read-access to an online membership listing of contact information. Requests from appointed Committee Chairs may receive access to information through the process defined in “Maintaining user confidence in the information and data” section above. General members of HRMA can access a membership roster including name, company, and title. General members can also search the online directory by name and company for contact information. The VP for Communications maintains security authorizations.

    Honoring contracts with our users The following Privacy Statement appears on all forms requiring users to provide HRMA with personal information: HRMA respects the privacy of our members and guests, and does not sell or rent labels or email addresses. At the discretion of the Board, HRMA may provide to Co-sponsors of events a single set of our membership mailing labels or email addresses limited to use in the co-sponsored event. Memberships are subject to revocation for unauthorized solicitation or use of HRMA's membership roster, and may be subject to prosecution.

    All members and guests will have the opportunity to “opt out” from receiving emails and solicitations from HRMA.

    Facilitation of networking One of the foundations of HRMA is networking among members. To this end, the online roster and directory search functions facilitate contacts among members. The Communications Committee will continue to research additional technologies such as List Servers and Bulletin Boards to facilitate networking and information exchange among our HRMA members.

    Maintain and improve function and appearance of the system HRMA will continue to protect and enhance the value of the website and database to ensure the integrity of its content, guard against misuse, and support improvement as needed in both appearance and function.