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    2021 December Complimentary Webinar: Executive Presence

    Date: December 14, 2021, 12:30pm – 1:30pm
    HRMA Princeton
    Online - participants will receive virtual meeting link upon registration.
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    Executive Presence​ 

    Presented by: Dr. Lucille Maddalena

    Tuesday, December 14, 2021 - 12:30pm to 1:30pm

     **This program is approved for 1 general credit by HRCI and

    1 professional development credit by SHRM**



    Registration CLOSES Monday, December 13, 2021 at 12:00PM.  This webinar will not be recorded.



    What image have you created for yourself? Did you consciously create a self-image on your job, or has one evolved for you by our actions and relationships?

    Our work in Human Resources brings us into difficult and complex situations.  How do you respond under pressure?  What image do you hold of yourself and how do you maintain that image when accepting the burden of achieving resolution to a seemingly unsolvable problem?

    Dr. Maddalena has spoken on this topic for many years and is now sharing her experience in a new format designed specifically for an introspective on-line group experience that invites each member to consider the image they present in every relationship and interaction.

    1. Step One on the road to exploring your Executive Presence is to discover your self-image, how you present yourself first looking at the popular definitions of Executive Presence.  We will explore how we may reflect an image created by our own histories, as well as by those people we interact with or emulate. The discussion will move deeper into the topic to focus on your personal self-awareness by taking a private step into your past to examine your goals and value.
    2. Step Two will explore how we learn by identifying the environment is most conducive to our personal introspection and development. By reviewing numerous personal feedback reviews, we will identify the top three concerns most often expressed when commenting on peers. In addition, the continually expanding use of electronic media for communicating continues to change the “room” and thus the information we accept and share. By considering Dr. David Thornburg’s four primordial learning spaces we encounter daily we will begin to understand the unique nature of each expressive medium we encounter.  Understanding our environment enables us to prepare ourselves to be heard, to be understood, and to hear the message of others.
    3. Step three will take us to breakout rooms to share perspectives and explore how we learn and express ourselves as we assess the appropriateness of our Executive Presence.  Each group will be asked to identify how our choice influences how others see us. Members will be invited to share examples from individual experiences in which the Executive Presence of the individual facilitating the interaction has a powerful influence on the outcome of the discussion.

    The final step is to review and share. We return to the full forum gathering to discuss the outcome of each group’s discussion.


    1. Greater self-awarness to develop effective working relationships with trust and respect.

    2. Exploring the roles of mentor and role model by considering how we learn and share our knowledge

    3. Understanding that how we present our message determines how it is accepted.



    Dr. Maddalena’s interest in communications and the human dynamics of management led her to become the first woman to enter the doctorate program in labor studies at Rutgers University. Concurrently she was New Jersey’s first woman radio drive-time newscaster. While a graduate student, Dr. Maddalena began her career as an independent consultant at Johnson & Johnson, providing stress management services to the pharma’s technical employees during the Tylenol drug tampering crisis. She expanded her business to other pharmas with her unique TRANSITION to LEADERSHIP training for high potential employees. Her success enabled her to be the first coach available to midlevel employees through the Johnson & Johnson School of Personal and Professional Development. This solid foundation led to expanding her career as an Executive Coach