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Membership Renewal Information

    This page contains information about HRMA of Princeton annual membership renewal and membership eligibility requirements for existing and lapsed members.  

    >> The link on this page is for HRMA Princeton renewals only.  If you are interested in becoming a NEW member of HRMA, please sign up here.<<

    Princeton HRMA Annual Dues

    • $45.00 for SHRM members who designate HRMA Princeton (0152) as their primary chapter
    • $55.00 for SHRM members who do not designate HRMA as their primary chapter

    Please note:

    • As a 100% SHRM chapter, members of HRMA must maintain a current membership with the national SHRM in order to be eligible for membership in the chapter.
    • Membership expiration is based on the date of joining the chaprter or renewing membership: 
    Join or Renew Date Expiration Date Example
    July 1 - March 31 June 30 of current program year Join/renew 10/15/16, expiration 6/30/17
    April 1 - June 30 June 30 of following program year Join/renew 5/1/17, expiration 6/30/18

    Payment Processing

    Please follow this link to renew your membership.  

    Your dues for the coming chapter year must be paid by September 30* in order to remain a member of our chapter in good standing and continue to enjoy the benefits that membership provides, such as:

    • Member access to the HRMA of Princeton website
    • Discounts on monthly dinner meetings and other events and seminars
    • Access to speaker presentation materials
    • SHRM and HRCI recertification credits
    • Professional networking
    • Early Career Professionals Group
    • Careers In Transition group and discounts for members in transition

    * Your PayPal receipt is proof of payment.  If you are not redirected to the payment link, please click HERE.

    Update Your Profile

    Important!  Take a moment now to update your HRMA profile and check to see if you have designated HRMA as your primary chapter. To officially designate HRMA of Princeton as your primary chapter, fill out the online form here.

    Please direct any questions about your membership status to .