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Health Care Forums

    This page is for the Health Care forums hosted by our partner, Mercer.

    August Update

    Health Care Reform Reporting

    Confused about the reporting requirements of Health Care Reform?  Don’t worry, you are not alone.  In this month’s HR Magazine issue “Health Care Reform: Get Ready to Report” provides guidance from a Vice President of Human Resources on how to stay ahead of the game and remain in compliance.


    March Update


    Benefits are a key component of attracting and retaining top talent.  Millennials value expanded choice, decision support tools and innovative delivery of benefits. this Forbes article discusses some of the expectations of young professionals when evaluating benefits and design considerations to make benefit plans appeal to the Millenial generation.


    February Update

    The Price of Health

    Overall slower growth in health benefits spending indicates that employers’ cost management strategies have been successful. This trend may come to an end in 2014 as we start to experience the early effects of health care reform.  This HR Magazine article, “The Price of Health” provides valuable survey data to help you understand how and why health care costs may be on the rise.

    January Update

    Employee Benefit Plans: How do Public & Private Exchanges Fit In?

    Looking for a deeper understanding of public and private exchanges?  Want to know what role exchanges will have on your benefits planning?  Barry Schilmeister, FSA, Healthcare Practice Leader of Mercer provides insight in this article of “Managing Health Today”. Click here to view this insighful presentation.


    Shopping for the Right Private Exchange

    No two private exchanges are alike.  Which exchange could be the right fit for your organization?  In this BenefitsPro article the Private Exchange Evaluation Collaborative provides a comparison of four leading private exchange offerings. Click here to read the article.